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find your inner zen and a vibrant life through meditation

Meditation for even a few minutes can bring great rewards. In addition to helping with relaxation and stress management, quieting your mind can help you to connect with the gentle voice inside that guides you so you can more live more intuitively.

Whether you are new to meditation, want help getting back into it, or just love anything related to mindfulness - I’m here for you. Let’s quiet our minds together and give ourselves the opportunity to release stress and negative self-talk, embrace joy and experience the vitality that comes from nourishing gratitude and positive thinking.


The epic mind, body spirit podcast explores the mind-body connection.

Epic Videos

Videos featuring Lisa's guided meditations


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Guided Meditation CDs

Lisa's guided meditations are available on iTunes.

Epic Meditations is a collection of 11 guided meditations designed to help you along your spiritual path. Each meditation begins and ends with a short piece of music and some deep breaths, to help guide you into and out of the meditation.

Ultimate Relaxation combines Lisa's guided meditations with beautiful music and other soothing backgrounds. The result is a collection of 10 unique compositions to move you through the day, relieve stress and help you to relax.


There is a place of mental peace
and clarity just before the moment of discovery
when the mind relaxes, seeing everything,
making the connections
between seemingly unconnected things
and in an instant the intuitive mind
springs forward

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