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What is a guided meditation?

Meditation is the practice of clearing the mind and sometimes focusing on a single thought or opening the mind for the opportunity of deep thought. Usually the purpose is for relaxation, renewal or spiritual growth. There are many different types of meditation practice. Some include silence, chanting or background music. During a guided meditation, the listener is guided to a meditative state through imagery or other verbal cues.

Lisa Wagner is the creator of the guided mediations featured on this website. Lisa's meditations each have a specific intention, and are designed to achieve a specific result. For example, in "Rejuvenate," the listener is guided through a meditation that seeks to help the listener feel replenished - rejuvenated. In "Releasing Resentment," the listener is guided through a mental exercise designed to help the listener release feelings of anger and resentment. Lisa's style nurtures and supports the listener through the process.

How can I listen to Lisa's meditations?

Lisa's guided meditations are available on iTunes, Amazon and other streaming services. There's also free podcasts and videos on this site as well as Instagram and Facebook.

How will a guided meditation help me?

As with all things, your experience is largely shaped by your intention and what you bring to it. Regarding these guided meditations, hopefully you will experience a sense of renewal and insight. Know that each person's experience is unique, and the same person may experience different benefits each time a meditation is used.

What if I don't know how to meditate?

No experience is required. Every listener is guided through the whole process. I start off guiding you through a few deep breaths, and then towards the stated intention of the meditation.

What if I don't have a lot of time to meditate?

You only need a few minutes. Some of these meditations are only about 3 minutes, some are 7 minutes, and the longest ones are 12 minutes.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio and/or video files that are distributed over the Internet. You can experience them on your computer or download them to a portable device, like and iPod. You can stay current with a podcast series by subscribing to it so that you will be alerted whenever a new one is available.

Are the podcasts really free?


How do I get podcasts?

You can listen to them through this website, download them from this site or get them via iTunes. Check out the podcast page for all the information and links.

Can I subscribe to a podcast from this site?

Yes. Click here and then bookmark the page to subscribe. You can also subscribe via iTunes.

How can I get past podcasts?

All the podcasts will be available on the podcast page.

What is the purpose of these CDs?

Epic Meditations
My intention for these meditations is that they help every listener improve the quality of his or her life. It can seem tempting and reasonable to connect the circumstances of our lives to the quality of our lives, but I believe it is more about our intentions, thoughts and perceptions, shaping the quality of our lives. Two people can encounter exactly the same circumstances, and yet have very different experiences. I'm hoping that by helping people connect to their inner voice, their personal truth, their ability to perceive they have a choice, etc., they will deepen their understanding about how their thoughts shape their reality and the quality of their lives.

Ultimate Relaxation and Daily Renewal: Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit
I wanted this CD to be all about relaxation and letting go of stress. This CD is a collection of meditations designed to help you throughout the day. Repeated use can help to reduce stress and learn how to quiet the mind and focus in on what matters most to you.

How should I use these CDs?

Some of these meditations could be helpful on a regular basis. Epic Meditations contains a short meditation titled "Quieting Your Mind." It is only a couple of minutes and I guide the listener to quickly and easily quiet the mind. There are lots of times when this would be helpful. My hope would be that eventually people can achieve the same result not only on their own and without the meditation, but within just a moment. Practicing how to get there with my meditation, teaches people how to get there in a few minutes on their own. My hope is that they eventually get there with a breath - in seconds. Each meditation can be used as needed, whether it is once, occasionally or on a regular basis.

How has meditation helped you?

I guess the simplest answer is this - meditation brings more clarity. There are lots of ways to meditate. In addition to all the more structured techniques that are taught and discussed, even just day dreaming, watching it rain, staring at a flower can be a meditative experience. Allowing the mind to quiet, and then being willing to know what comes into the space, whether it is a feeling or a thought, can provide great clarity. I feel that a big part of why I make most decisions easily is connected to my ability to very quickly quiet my mind and allow my intuition to clearly be known. Being able to connect to a sense of what is important to me, what is best for me, to understand my intention, to know the truth of the moment É these contribute to my life consistently coming together in a joyful and fulfilling way. What I want to do through this first set of meditations, and the others to follow, is to help people enhance that inner connection by helping them to consciously experience it and acknowledge it.

Everyone can meditate

Guided meditations are perfect for people just getting started with meditation. Whether you have a little or a lot of experience with meditation, it can be so helpful to have a gentle voice guiding your mind to release and relax.