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Deeper Lessons - 8 Feb 2020   (8:13)
Lisa shares how learning to become more patient was really about learning to honor timing.

Sometimes when we believe we need to change our behavior, the best change is found by going a bit deeper. It all starts with self-acceptance and then being open to going deeper on needed change. The motivation and willingness to change is stronger when we understand the purpose of it. Lisa shares her experience with how learning to be more patient is really (for her) about the bigger lesson of timing and accepting the moment.

Tarot with Annette - 6 Oct 2019   (49:02)
Lisa talks with professional Tarot reader, Annette Noyes, from the Emerald Box Turtle. They discuss what Tarot is, how it can be used and the benefits of a reading.
Angelic Horizons - 27 Sep 2019   (44:02)
Lisa talks with Kim McCarthy from Angelic Horizons about crystals, and jewelry making. Check out her Facebook page, groups, Instagram and Etsy shop:
Ayurveda - 25 July 2019   (45:31)
Lisa talks with Neerja Ahuja from Ayurveda Awareness about the three mind body doshas based in this ancient practice. Neerja Ahuja, founder of Ayurveda Awareness shares some of the basic principles of ayurveda including the three mind body doshas and how the principles of ayurveda can be seen throughout our life and the world around us.

Astrology - 02 September 2018   (11:55)
Lisa talks about Astrology and her new astrology class on She gives an overview of the class and provides a promo code for free registration.

Udemy class
Karmic Astrology on FaceBook

Be Strawesome - 09 January 2018   (43:59)
Lisa talks with Daedra Surowiec an artist and founder of Strawesome, a company that makes glass straws. Her website is They talk about creating awesome glass straws, getting creative, and running a small businesses.

Spiritual Healing - 15 July 2017   (1:05:16)
Lisa talks with Hadley Messner a spiritual healer. Her website is The discussion includes the healing work Hadley does helping others to facilitate their healing and cleansing, including some simple actions we can do for ourselves and in our homes in practicing spiritual hygiene. They also discuss Lisa's healing session with Hadley, and Hadley's shaman training with Lisa also briefly shares some of her experiences around the passing of her parents. Her father two years ago and her mother a few months ago.

Mindspring 2.0 - 10 July 2016   (20:40)
Lisa talks about Mindspring 2.0, what's new in it and a meditation lesson learned while making it. A guided meditation track exclusive to the app is also included

Meditation Treks - 1 March 2015   (33:42)
Russ Dobda joins Lisa to discuss his guided meditations and new iOS apps. Russ makes use of binaural beats and does a great job of explaining what they are and how they can be used.

Russ's main site is at Check out his Meditation Treks iOS app and his Binaural app. For more information on his upcoming book, check out

Meditation When You Least Expect It - 6 July 2014   (13:39)
Lisa talks about how we can gently guide ourselves into having meditative experiences. She also ties this in to an experience a non-Spanish speaker had while listening to one of her meditations in Spanish. The Spanish meditation is also included.

Make a Shift, Change Your Life with Karen Rauch Carter - 21 January 2014   (50:49)
Karen discusses how making changes in your home can have a profound impact in changing your life. Karen wrote the best selling Feng Shui book: Move Your Stuff Change Your Life. Her latest book: Make a Shift, Change Your Life, goes even wider and deeper into explaining how we can make small and big shifts in all areas of our lives.

Karen's main website:
Karen's free webinar:

Three Deep Breaths - 20 October 2013   (8:44)
Lisa shares a way to instantly clear your mind and calm your heart by doing three deep breaths.

Mindspring - 29 September 2013   (14:15)
Lisa shares her new iOS app Mindspring. She also includes some beautiful nature sounds in this podcast that can also be found in the app.

Quiet Moment - 26 July 2010   (4:22)
Lisa shares a short guided meditation designed to help you to quiet your mind and enjoy a peaceful moment. Doing so throughout the day can relieve stress and help you to think more clearly. Using this guided meditation can help you to experience this stillness as well as help you to do this on your own.

Chakra Meditations - 29 October 2009   (28:10)
Lisa describes the seven chakras, seven energy centers in our bodies, and how meditation can help to balance them. Lisa discusses the meaning, location and color associated with each chakra, and offers some tips on incorporating this information into meditation. This episode also contains a chakra balancing guided meditation.

You can also listen to this meditation at The collection of Epic Meditations offered here is a collection of extended versions of seven of the guided meditations from Epic Meditations, each set to beautiful music or nature sounds. The track Rejuvenate is a lovely meditation that can help in opening and balancing the chakras.

Guided Imagery with Leslie Davenport - 18 August 2009   (39:37)
Leslie Davenport joins Lisa to discuss her book Healing and Transformation through Self-Guided Imagery. Leslie has a unique gift for helping people open themselves to their inner wisdom and to use imagery for growth and healing. Check out Leslie's website at for lots of free resources including worksheets, mp3 downloads and her newsletter.

Medical Intuition - 04 May 2009   (36:20)
Anita Owens, medical intuitive, joins Lisa for a fascinating discussion on the mind - body connection, and how our emotions and beliefs influence our health and well being. For more information on Anita's work, visit The website is full of great resources including a blog, newsletter, Feng Shui tips and scheduling information for Anita's classes as well as one on one consultations.

Creating a Day of Purpose - 01 April 2009   (15:55)
Lisa talks about her new CD Ultimate Relaxation and Daily Renewal: Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Lisa briefly describes the tracks on the CD and then plays the second track, "Creating a Day of Purpose" in full.

Aromabar - 09 March 2009   (28:20)
Frank Bonarrigo from joins Lisa to discuss his incredible aromatherapie (aromatherapy) products. Frank explains how he got into the business, what makes his products unique and the benefits from their use. For more information, visit or call 410-878-7923.

Journaling - 18 November 2008   (26:59)
Lisa talks with Barbara Hansford about journaling. Barbara shares some of her experiences with keeping a journal and discusses why it has been important to her.

Nutritional Supplements - 11 November 2008   (41:24)
Lisa talks with Lori Kelch, Nutritional Wellness Educator. Lori shares some of her vast knowledge about supplements, and answers some popular questions about this important part of nutrition. You can email Lori directly at One of the web resources Lori discusses is

Medical Hypnosis - 13 September 2008   (24:38)
Part 3 of a three part interview with Jan Ridinger, licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. In this episode, Lisa talks with Jan about Medical Hypnosis. Jan explains what it is, discusses the benefits and common myths about hypnosis.

Reiki - 06 September 2008   (18:24)
Part 2 of a three part interview with Jan Ridinger, licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. In this episode, Lisa talks with Jan about Reiki. Jan explains what it is and what the benefits are to receiving it.

Lymph Drainage Therapy - 30 August 2008   (35:07)
Part 1 of a three part interview with Jan Ridinger, licensed massage therapist. In this episode, Lisa talks with Jan about Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy. Jan explains what it is and how it can help the body heal.
You can reach Jan at 937-433-2242, 65 Maple St, Centerville Ohio 45459.

Click here to find a practitioner in your area (opens a new browser window).

Epic Meditations CD - 23 August 2008   (19:50)
Explores the purpose and benefits of the eleven guided meditations on the CD Epic Meditations.

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